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5 Essential Things to Look for Before you Buy Your Home

Buying a home may be the biggest purchase of your lifetime, so all things must be considered before you sign on the dotted line. House hunting is fun, but can also be laborious, especially when the buyer is running in circles without a clear-cut goal in mind about the home that meets all their needs. Buying a home should be a calculated decision with a checklist in hand and your emotions left at the door. To find your dream home and price point, follow a few simple rules to ensure the properties you are viewing make the grade.

1. Location.

The location of your residential or vacation property should serve your interests and purpose every bit as much as the house itself. Be sure to check the city's amenities to cover all your needs with dining, shopping and entertainment. In addition, if the property location has easy access to public transportation and a good freeway system, you are miles ahead with the property selection process.

2. Cosmetic Repairs.

A property's curb appeal is a major selling point for the homebuyer who wants a turnkey piece of real estate that does not need any sprucing up. These homes are often listed at full market value and make an excellent housing choice for the busy homebuyer who has no time or desire to fuss with the house. However, for the homebuyer who is willing to roll up their sleeves and do a little handy work themselves, purchasing a fixer property can take thousands of dollars off the sale price. Bringing in an interior design team is another alternative that can save you valuable time and increase the nightly rental rate your property commands.

3. Floor Plan Design.

When you are house hunting for a full time or vacation residence, be sure to envision a fit for your furniture or the items you intend to buy to make sure the floor plan is open and spacious enough for your needs. In some cases, you may wish to have the option of expanding a room and will need sufficient ground space to do so. Check with the city code guidelines as to the minimum amount of feet the structure may be from a fence, in-ground pool, etc. You never know if this piece of property is the last one you will buy, so always consider the possibility that you will be there for the rest of your life.

4. Major Repairs.

Some bargain properties may be too good to be true and require some investigation as to the price cut. You must ask the tough questions about major repair work that is essential to safety. Electrical wiring, cracks in the home or foundation, and plumbing issues can rack up thousands of dollars out of pocket to bring the home up to code.

5. Getting Professional Help.

Your best bet to secure a quality property at the price you want to pay is to have a real estate professional guide you all the way. The buyer's agent is free to use, so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by employing an agent to go to bat for you. Your final price may be negotiated down and your dream home can be delivered at less than you bargained for when a real estate agent is at the helm. Buying a home should be an exciting day, so don't let the burden of going it alone rain on your parade.